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Baby Bottle Fundraisers

Change... CHANGES LIVES! At Life Choices Clinic & Center, we know it can change the lives of women, men and babies when you invest in this important ministry. A Baby Bottle Drive is a great way to support the ministry!!

Baby Bottle Fundraisers
Baby Bottle Fundraisers

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Any time of year!

Your choice

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Life Choices Clinic & Care Baby Bottle Campaign is a fun and easy way to engage in the fund-raising efforts of this life saving ministry. Many choose to host a campaign in January, the Sanctity of Human Life month, especially right now in this post-Roe America!


Life Choices Clinic & Care provides baby bottles for people to fill with cash, checks or change. At the end of the month bottles can be delivered to or picked up by Life Choices. We will count the contents and let you know how much you or your organization raised!!  A representative from our center can come and make a brief presentation about us and feature stories of women (and men) who have been helped here. It’s so easy and fun. We encourage the whole family to be involved!


There are four ways to participate in this Pregnancy Center campaign:

  • Fill the bottles with coins, paper money and checks, and return them to your church or our office in 4 weeks and we will pick them up or you can drop them off
  • Through our electronic giving site on our website
  • Scan the QR code and donate through our e-giving site
  • Mail a check made out to the Life Choices Clinic &Care Center 305 S. 11th Suite 1, Yakima, WA 98902

One bottle filled up with silver coins equals approximately $50!!  That goes a long way in supporting life in Yakima!


Some choose to have this in January to Celebrate Sanctity of Life Month, some choose to do this campaign year-round: which works well for individuals, churches, schools, civic clubs and all other community organizations because it is so easy to implement!   You can schedule the campaign at a time that works for you and your group. Any time of year is a good time for churches and community groups to hold a baby bottle campaign. 

Start saving your change and start changing a life today! Bottles filled with coins, cash, and checks make a big difference for life!

Contact us today to get your bottles!

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