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DIY Events

  • Baby Bottle Fundraisers
    Any time of year!
    Your choice
    Change... CHANGES LIVES! At Life Choices Clinic & Center, we know it can change the lives of women, men and babies when you invest in this important ministry. A Baby Bottle Drive is a great way to support the ministry!!
  • Baby Showers for Clients
    Anytime you choose
    You choose
    Bless parents who have courageously chosen life by throwing a baby shower to expand our Baby Boutique or donating baby items for new moms and dads at our center.
  • Book a Speaker
    You choose the time and date!
    Your church or small group
    Spread the message of life and hope to your church, workplace, or small group by booking us to share about our work and how we can all advocate for life in our community. It's a great way to share what we are doing and how the church body can help save, change, and transform lives.
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