Life Choices is pleased to be affiliated with CareNetHeartbeat International, Abortion Pill Reversal, and NIFLA.


Paid and volunteer members that serve our community with excellence

Dr. Joddi-Jay Babcock, DSL

Executive Director

Renee Schut 2018.jpg
Renee Schut, LPN

Nurse Manager

Dr. Ted Palmatier, MD

Medical Director

Kim Coleman, RDMS

OB Sonographer

Angie Force-Tulee


Tracey Baxter

Think Twice Healthy Relationships Director

Melissa Holmes_edited.png
Melissa Holmes

Executive Assistant/

Family Support Services Director

Dr. Craig Whittlesey, MD

Ultrasound Director

Elizabeth Keke


Image by Dylan Gillis

Board of Directors

Charlie Ballard, Board Member

Autumn Bernier, Board Co-Chair

Rinda Darden, Board Secretary

Dr. Bill Kroner, DC, Board Member

Mike Saunders, Board Treasurer

Molly Taylor, Board Co-Chair

Helps Team

Glenda Abercrombie, ARNP,  Toni Ballard,  Theresa Blankenship, Sherry Dawson, RN, Mario Estrada, Kristen Kellett, Dr. Rev. Jeannie Lowell, Kourtney Shea, RN, Joyce Savage, Doug Smith, Janene Westbay.

Medical Advisory Team

David Barlow, RN/CC, Dr. Ross Bethel, Dr. Rachelle Sanjuan Chavez, Dr. Carlin Miller, Dr. Linda Seaman, Dr. Victor Sharpe, Dr. Anita Showalter, Shereen Stocker, ARNP.

Think Twice Healthy Relationships Team

Tracey Baxter, Kala Johnston, Marina Paredes, Jordan Sargent, Yazmin Zepeda.